CCIC Germany successfully held an organic training course in Europe

In order to further develop the organic related businesses in Europe, the organic training course was held by CCIC Germany from December 10th to December 12nd, 2019. The teachers from ECOCERT were invited to Bremen for the training and CCIC colleagues from other branch offices in Europe participated in this training course.

The training contains 4 parts: Analysis of EU Organic Standard, Analysis of Chinese Organic Product Standard (2019 Edition), Comparative Study of Chinese and European Organic Standards, and Organic Certification Implementation Rules. All problems, key points, and processing methods of organic certification in practice based on rich working experience were included during the whole training. Besides, practical reference experience for our participants in conducting business and customer consultation in the future was provided.

CCIC colleagues listened attentively the knowledge points and giving top priority to pursue specific issues encountered in its business activities. Valuable experience and knowledge were shared during the training courses, which made the training course achieve more positive results than expected.

The training course was successfully concluded with all the participants passing the test, which was arranged after the training. Through this training, not only the new knowledge was gained, abilities were improved, but also mutual understanding of each branch office were improved. A solid foundation for companies was laid to jointly develop related businesses in Europe and jointly develop the European agricultural food market in the future.

CCIC Germany successfully held an organic training course in Europe
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